Tuesday, June 4, 2013

From a Kernel to a Chip: May Update

Who would have thought that we would go from a drought in 2012 to seeing almost too much moisture in the spring of 2013?! Over the last few weeks, we have received over 5 inches of rain, way more than what we saw between July and November of last year! However, the moisture we have received has been a blessing and much needed as our soils were bone dry due to the drought last summer. Pasture ponds are starting to fill back up and the grass that we have our cattle out on is looking much better. However, due to the large amount of rain that we have received the last couple of weeks, there has been some fields that have had some flooding issues. This has lead to the drowning out of some crops. Overall, we will take the moisture and I hope that mother nature wont shut it off!

The white corn is looking good and is starting to grow. It started off sluggish and took a little longer to sprout than normal, but that is due to the colder temps that we experienced in late April and early May. However, the white corn has emerged and is looking good; it just needs some more sunshine and warmer days, which corn thrives on. We will soon be cultivating and ridging some of our white corn to get rid of weeds and also create a ditch so that we can irrigate the places that the pivot doesn't reach. Overall, the white corn crop is starting out good and hopefully will turn out good come next fall!

Below are pictures of the white corn during May:

After a week, the white corn seed began to sprout. The root is the first thing to emerge, which is shown in the picture.
Once the root has emerged, then the shoot emerges. Basically the shoot looks like a green spike sticking out of the ground when the corn is emerging.

A few days later the corn plant's leaf's started to show and the root started to grow deeper into the soil.

Thanks to GPS, we can have nice straight rows of white corn! In a few more weeks, this corn will be much taller and will be a darker color of green.
One of my favorite pictures I have taken! I was lucky to be able to catch a double rainbow and put my favorite brand of equipment in the picture! This was actually taken while I drilled soybeans, but I had to share!
Be sure to check back on July 2nd for the next "From a Kernel to a Chip" update!

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