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Many things grow such as plants, animals, and humans. However, "growing" doesn't just mean physical growth but can also mean personal growth in things such as passions, and one of my passions that continues to grow everyday is for agriculture!

Welcome to my blog called A Growing Passion where I want to share my passion for agriculture with others. The purpose of this blog is to allow readers to hear from someone who grew up on a family farm in South Central Nebraska and is now farming with his father. Many of the blog posts will feature information about production agriculture, current issues in the media, daily life on the farm, and my own personal out look on what is happening in this great industry. Along with blog posts on agriculture, there will be occasions where some of my posts may be more focused on leadership, faith, or simply other things that have had an impact on my life. So while I hope you enjoy reading my blog, I hope that you will also learn something and maybe even grow in your own passion!

About the Author- Lance Atwater is a second generation farmer who grew up on the family farm in South Central Nebraska. He graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in agriculture economics and a minor in international agriculture. Besides being heavily involved on the family farm, Lance is also active in agricultural and community organizations at the local level. Lance has a strong passion for the agriculture industry and wants to educate and communicate with others how agriculture can impact everyone's life. He also has a passion for leadership and faith and strives to be a better leader and christian in his everyday life. All in all, he believes agriculture, leadership, and faith tie in together! You can follow Lance's twitter handle @latwater1 to get updates about life on the farm or life in general.

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