Tuesday, April 2, 2013

From a Kernel to a Chip!

Chips and Salsa! The most common type of snack at a get together along with the most common type of appetizer found on a menu at most restaurants. Yet, have you ever wondered how that chip ended up in that bowl? If I had to take a guess, you probably haven't. Even when I have chips and salsa, I don't even think about how that chip got there. However, chips don't just magically appear in a bag, and a chip's life doesn't begin in a grocery store.

The corn tortilla chips you have with your salsa dips, nachos, or taco salads actually come from kernels of white corn that are grown in fields across the Midwest! In matter of fact, some of those kernels in your chips might have actually come from my family's farm in Nebraska!

 Every year my family's farm grows white corn that eventually gets sold and made into the corn tortilla chips that can be found in your grocery store's chip isle! Now, growing white corn doesn't just mean putting a few seeds in the ground and then waiting until next fall to harvest it. It takes hard work and care to make sure that we produce a high quality crop that will eventually end up in the food supply! We also make sure that we are supplying consumers with a safe product that they will eventually serve at their get togethers with friends and family!

As consumers continue to grow more curious about where their food comes from, I have decided to do a series again this year called "From a Kernel to a Chip" that will show how white corn is grown as well as the different growth stages of a white corn plant. The series will begin with planting and continue through harvest, which will take place next fall! This blog series will be similar to my "From the Field to the Movie Theater" blog series last year that focused on popcorn production. The first Tuesday of each month I will publish a blog that gives an update about the growth stage of the crop along with some other interesting facts. Not only will I be posting an update, but I will also be posting pictures that will show what the white corn plant looks like as well as the development of the ear of white corn! So I hope that you will find the blog series interesting as well as being able to learn about where your food comes from, in this case where your corn chips come from!

So be sure to check back on May 7th as I will post what has all happened in the month of April! Hopefully by that time, spring will have arrived with warmer weather and we will have put the seeds of white corn in the ground!!

If you are interested in popcorn production, click here!

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